We are committed to keeping our ingredient list short and simple in order to focus on tradition, quality, and reducing waste. Our pasta is made with semolina milled from American grown, organic durum wheat & water only. Our heirloom wheat pasta features organic, ancient wheat varietals from Michigan + regional grain farms. We partner with farmers and millers who grow responsibly, with great care for the land while honoring the area's history & culture of grain production.

Our choice to use only certified organic grains has always been clear. Rest assured our pasta is non GMO and free of synthetic herbicides or pesticides. Being egg-free, our extruded pasta is also suitable for vegans and eaters with egg allergies.

*Sheeted dough used for pasta such as ravioli does contain eggs - always certified organic + pasture raised.



Our pasta is extruded through bronze dies or molds, whereas large pasta manufacturers typically use dies lined with teflon. Bronze creates the rough texture on our pasta, hence its chalky appearance. This allows the noodles to hold onto sauce much better than slippery smooth teflon-extruded pastas. 


Maybe you’ve heard that cooking certain foods with high heat reduces their nutritional content? Well the same is true for pasta! The ultra high temperature extruding & drying process of large, industrial pasta companies kills much of the nutrition in the flour. Taste and texture also suffer as a result. Our pasta, which is dried slowly at low temperatures, retains good tooth and chew, necessary for a perfect al dente


We are a very small company without an assembly line. Our pasta travels from the extruder to the drying rack and into your package, passing through the same set of hands each time. Good things take time, and pasta is no exception.


While now we measure our flour down to the gram, much of the Italian way is to measure ingredients in handfuls or “by the feel of it.” For generations, my ancestors in Molise taught the art of pasta making by doing. They continued to pass this knowledge down through many Italian kitchens, and eventually across the Atlantic. So our mission is simple:

We aim to share the craft, culture, and taste of traditional Italian cooking from our kitchen to yours.